50 First Dates

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Big Miracle

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CoverGirl's Drew Barrymore

CoverGirl's leading lady, Drew Barrymore looked beautifully fresh-faced at this year's CoverGirl 50th Anniversary Celebration....more

Online Nice Guy Justin Long and the Internet Writer's Oath

We live in a world of deadlines, and the online world has only increased the number of those self-imposed and work-dictated deadlines. If you're not racing to be the first person to break the news, you're racing to be the first person to write the best commentary on it. We don't thoughtfully examine a controversial tweet and pause for a few hours to consider our response. We jump on it -- shooting from the hip (and sometimes taking casualties when words are spewed without thinking things through to their ends). If something is hot, you post it immediately rather than letting it sit in your draft folder over night. And sometimes, our desire to be first, to be clever, to be the most read leads to flame wars. ...more

Don't know so much about the oath but I do think this post is important. It is difficult as a ...more

Military Stylin'

Folks, get ready for Fall with the latest trend of military fashion. Try green cargo skinnies or an army inspired shirt or jacket. The look is hard, but cool casual at the same time....more

It's Not Too Late to Whip It, Whip It Good!

You are so lucky today! In fact, I wish I were you.  Because if you haven't yet seen Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It, which opens in wide release October 2nd, you have a rollicking ride around a rink in your future.  Tear up your fishnets, slip on your Docs, and head to the theater, because here comes the jammer! ...more

It was a fab movie and good for the sport. My next column for "Just Out" is on roller derby, ...more

A baby on my lap

Jude seems to be going through an intense phase of not wanting to be put down. He wants to be tightly cradled in someone's arms while flashing his toothless grin...........the entire day. He doesn't like his chair, his swing, his blankets, nothing! ...more