Just One Drink, Please

 Last night, in a celebratory mood with nervous energy to burn, I drank about three glasses of wine.  Depending on your lifestyle, you either may scoff at how little or how much I drank.  However, if you know me personally, you know I’m not a heavy drinker....more

The Six Must-Have Whisky Every Woman should own

Image copyright / K&S MediaHave you ever wondered what single malts are the best ?  Check out our picks at:...more

OOPS I Did it again!

So I promised myself I would treat myself better and not drink as much and pray more so I can be a better Christian. I drank... A LOT. Was really sick the entire next day. Whats worse is that I was so sick I couldn't go were I really wanted to go. To top it all off I was told I made out with a guy. ... WHY !!!!  Why do I do this to myself? Shouldn't I know that God loves me enough not to do this. I feel like a terrible horrible person who can never keep her  word.  GOD I want to serve you better yet I always let temptation get the best of me....more

Evolution of a Buzz

Have you ever had one of those nights that landed you in a bar on a Tuesday night in the midst of crazed drunkenness?  The kind of crazy where everyone around is taking part in this secret tribe of togetherness with people that they hardly know?  The kind of drunkenness that ends with everyone singing a Grateful Dead song in unison without music? ...more

Demystifying Alcohol for Women

When I turned 21, I didn't really touch alcohol.  Mostly because it is expensive, when you are in college, just married, trying to make a living, etc.  But I was also scared of it, in a way.  I had lived my teenage years under the house of a raging alcoholic who drank unbearably cheap beer, and I can't say I was too fond of alcohol at that point.  ...more