Missing My Mom: The Real Consequences of Drunk Driving

Two Wednesdays ago, she called me while I was napping. I usually don’t answer my phone when I’m napping, but this time, instead of hitting the red button, I chose the green one instead. “Hey, I’m taking a nap with Eva. Can I call you back?” She told me, “Sure, that’s fine.” I then fell into a deep sleep. I woke up two hours later, and in the rush to prepare dinner, I forgot to call her back. ...more
I am so sorry for your tragic loss, I recently lost my brother quite suddenly.These situations ...more

Drink and Drive but Don’t Drink and Gestate

Recently we had a couple over for dinner. We were sipping wine and the conversation turned to drinking and gestating. The other woman was shocked that I had a glass of wine every week or so while pregnant (well, not in the first trimester when a small sip made me nauseous and not in the third trimester when half a sip gave me heartburn. If I felt good and we were having a romantic evening, I had a glass of wine). She did not have a single sip during pregnancy or breastfeeding and she kind of lectured me. Later in the evening, the man boasted that he can drink a bottle of wine and then drive home safely....more

Walking a Fine Line: Social Host Laws and Underage Drinking

Cruising Main I know there are some who never drank alcohol in high school, but I didn't go to school with them....more

How Many Drinks = DUI (DWI)?

by Lisa FrederiksenDecember is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month so I thought I'd share a few entries from the California Department of Motor Vehicles Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) chart to raise awareness about just how little it takes to get a DUI (DWI). These BAC entries are based on weight, time since your first standard drink and number of standard drinks consumed....more

What's the deal with Women Drinking and Driving?

Is binge drinking for women out of control?  How much is too much and when do you know if you have a problem? ...more

My husband and I make a choice to drink on rare occassions. But when one of us decides to ...more

Facebook...Do You Want to be Where Everyone Knows Your Name??

It's a rare day when you run into someone who doesn't have Facebook. It seems everyone and their dog has an account. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Facebook. It's a great way to keep in contact with people you might not have otherwise been in communication with. But Facebook is so public to all your family and friends. For me that has proven to be bittersweet. I am a blogger. I have used Facebook as my main place to blog. But what happens when you want to blog about stuff that you don't want people closest to you to read, ie: your parents, mother-in-law, sisters...etc.) ...more

Wow, it must be incredibly tough for your mother. Is she blogging, too? An outlet is an ...more