Fluoride in Drinking Water: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Two articles in published in January 2016 highlight the long running discussion among health workers and the public they serve on levels of fluoride exposure in drinking water.  As many people know, fluoride is added to drinking water to prevent dental caries but at levels that are NOT expected to cause adverse effects in humans....more

The Number One Drinking Mistake Affecting Your Weight

What is the number one mistake? Not Drinking Enough Water!Water – it's all around us. We see it in rivers and oceans, it flows freely from our faucets, it purges into our basements during violent storms. We've always heard how pivotal it is to our overall health and yet somehow most of us fail to get our required daily intake. About 70% of our bodies is water and it is involved in so many essential body functions including flushing waste materials in the body, metabolism, body temperature and digestion....more

How to Stay Hydrated in Hot Weather

A Featured Article on Caring.com by Staywell Custom Communications...more

charity: water - Get Inspired!

For those of us that are able I believe it is very important to donate money or time to charities or non-profits....more

How exposed to chemicals are you? Do you need a hazardous warning label?

What chemicals are you exposed to daily?  Are you curious?  Would you need a hazardous chemical warning label? ...more

I have to agree with everyone. I don't freak out but I am sure my body is full of them. I do ...more