How (Not) To Teach a Boy To Drive -- or Why I'll Never Be a Driving Instructor

When those hospital nurses place that baby in your arms and wheel you out to your car, they give you all kinds of health tips and safety checklists. They warn you about lead paint. They warn you about tummy sleeping. They even tell you to count how often he poops. What they do not tell you on all those checklists is that you might want to begin preparing yourself right now for the fact that you will someday teach that tiny little creature how to drive a car. ...more
I've been through a lot of things while raising these six kids and the hardest, scariest, most ...more

...Nope, The Problem is Not His Eyesight....

  Hubby and I were having a discussion about me and what I can do with my extra time. It has been very difficult to think about going to work in an office considering I am still needed to ferry the boys around. CM1 can't drive because of the epilepsy but CM2 could certainly learn to drive and maybe take them both back and forth from their college....more

Driving Lessons Part One: The Early Years

“Well, at least now I know not to floor it going into the driveway while cutting off people and scraping the front of the car on the curb,” my 15 year old daughter reflected after putting the car into park. We all know that this day is coming.  Parents are always marking off the milestones with our children-first tooth, first steps, first words, first day of school, first loose tooth, first ….driving lesson?...more

On writing resumes

Today was the 1st day after the long Christmas break and most people went back to work. I read most of them complain about going back to work and I know I would be doing the same if I  was still working. But now, as I am out of work, I was actually jealous and I wrote to many of my friends that I would willingly trade places with them to go back to work. ...more
Thanks a lot for nice tips as it would definitely help to job seekers.I would try to include ...more