Droid Apps for Family Budgeting?

I have found a few apps for the Droid that I really like for personal budgeting. IOU is great for tracking debt, mooLa! is a fantastic check registry, Ultimate Budgets is nice for seeing where I'm spending money, etc. But what I'm really looking for is a FAMILY budgeting app....more

Try Easy Envelope Budget Aid, or EEBA for short.

EEBA has a website, a mobile website and an ...more

Funeral Service --- Technology Bridges the Miles

 I would like to share with you a story of something that happened in my life and how I used modern technology in a way I’ve never seen it used before.  It is something you or someone you know may be faced with at any time.  It was the death of a loved one.  ...more

Will the Virtual World Destroy Our Real One?

One night not that long ago, I left the husband and kids behind for a rare girls' night out at a fancy restaurant. Over glasses of wine, we gossiped and laughed and confided salacious secrets to one other about our husbands and mothers-in-law. But at some point after the salads were served and before our empty plates were spirited away by a waiter, there was an inevitable lull in the conversation. And that's when it happened. ...more

I hear you on the iPhone - I want one so bad but I have seen what it does to my friends - it's a ...more

Switching from Palm Treo to Droid ROX!!

...I’d seen the iPhone and even won one in a drawing at a technology tradeshow. I admit they are sleek and beautiful with a dreamy UI, definitely worth coveting. But the exclusive relationship that Apple and AT&T have over the iPhone is a DETERRENT to smart consumers like me who have spent years hopping around different wireless providers and are perfectly happy to stay with Verizon Wireless. I vowed to buy an iPhone as soon as they made them available on the Verizon network. I sold the iPhone I’d won, unopened, on eBay and waited. Then along came the Droid… ...more

From iPhone to Droid, Part 1: Top Free Droid Apps to Ease the Transition

I did it. After months of bitching out loud to my friends and colleagues, tweeting about it and blogging it, I dropped AT&T (and thus the iPhone) and got back on Verizon with the Motorola Droid. I thought it would be a rough transition, but it turned out to be not so bad. In fact, the Droid is a pretty slick device. But, like any "smart" tech these days, it's not truly yours until you've customized it, put your mark on it. And on the Droid, like the iPhone, that starts with the apps. ...more

Was just looking for Google Goggles because you made it sound so good! And I can't find it in ...more