She Came Home Without One: Do You Let Your Teens Go to the Beach Without You?

Our children grow up with our likes and dislikes. They learn to embrace what we do and often fear what we fear. But what if your fear is based on a personal experience and unfortunately effects their lives?...more

I am sure your Mom never intended for your life to be filled with such fears. My kids are very ...more


Today, summer truly begins in my house. School is ending and all 3 kids will be home by (probably) 1:15. To me, "summertime" means no strict school schedules. It means playing more. It means going to the pool. It means time for camp rather than school. It means time for fun....more

Facing My Worst Fear

It was so many years ago, I was just a child but the impact of my father's death one summers day has a profound effect on my life today . Being out on a boat without life jackets was the greatest mistake we made back then, owning a boat now has opened up a world of trauma....more

Whale in Drowning Incident Returns to Stage

Just thirteen months after SeaWorld's star attraction, Tilikum, killed his trainer, the bull orca returned to his watery stage in Orlando last week and was greeted warmly by audiences. In February of 2010, Tilikum had snatched 40-year-old Dawn Brancheau by her ponytail and drowned the veteran trainer before horrified crowds. Since then, Sea World has apparently spent "millions" inputting safety precautions and for good measure, all the female trainers now wear their hair in a bun. ...more

I couldn't agree more. I don't doubt that the staff genuinely cares for their animals, but I ...more

Hands-On CPR (not for kids)

With summer in the rear view mirror, and winter ahead of us, please remember to keep your attention on your children, where water is present.  It would seem to make sense that with the change in the weather, it is less than likely for a child to find their way to an open body of water.  However, as we may not be spending time playing in the backyard swimming pool, there are still temptations out there, and if anything, as parents we tend to put our guard down this during the winter months....more

A Happy Ending Continued...My son's near fatal plunge into the water

Well, I am back from a long and tedious drive to New Mexco, and I must say it wasn't until our second day there (when we visited the pueblos) that I found an appreciation to this 'further southwest' state.  The native american people were ever gracious to my husband and I as we toured the pueblos.  There was one particular young boy of 7-8, who was especially impressive to me.  The natives that lived in these pueblos were preparing for their annual 'Harvest Festival' by setting up stands to sell their talented handy work via chili pepper crosses, wreaths, jewelry, etc... ...more

A Happy Ending (My son's survival)

Alas, I will end my week of drownings with a happy ending.  This is the story of my son, Joshua.  How lucky we were!...more

Swimming alone (drownings continued)

This coming Monday, I would like to conclude my 'week of drownings' with a happy ending and the story of my own son's plunge into water.  In the meantime however, I will share with all of you out there two particular cases of adults who have drowned.  We all know by now, that anybody can become a victim to a water emergency.  Toddlers, adults, non-swimmers and yes, even avid swimmers can fall prey to situations in the water, where their lives are jeopardized.  I have chosen to share some stories over others this week because of my philosophy that common sens...more

An Ice Chest and an 18 month old

This week I have specifically commited myself to blog about drownings, due to the one fact that it happens quite frequently and by using common sense and vigilance, most drownings should never have occured.  This next tragedy took place in September of 2008, and is by far one of the most disturbing instances of a drowning I have ever read about.  When we think about these accidents, we assume they take place in large bodies of water, such as lakes, swimming pools, the ocean and rivers.  But every now and then the headlines in our morning paper take us directly into the family...more

Drownings continued...

I was impressed to see so many of you read my recent entry about the two young children who drowned in California in 2007, by being left outside while the mother went inside to use the restroom.  But more importantly, it was the CPR guidelines I was happy you read about.  Knowing how to perform CPR can change the fate of a potential drowning victim in this situation.  It has been proven so many times over, as even my own son survived his plunge into the water thanks to my father's knowledge and performance of CPR....more