Over Breakfast and Facebook, I Discovered My Brother's Mug Shot

As I sit here, quietly surrounded by my four sleeping children on the first day of summer break, I wish I could unsee the police blotter my friend posted to her Facebook feed this morning. The joys and peril of social media… who needs the weekly town paper when you can get the local dirt instantly? Who needs to wait for a call from your mom that your brother is in trouble again when friends just post the arrest summary online? ...more
BlogHer Prayer works. My dad went to rehab 18 months ago and has been sober ever since. So, ...more

You tattooed your FACE?

Misunderstood; really?!That was the first question I asked my daughter when I saw her recently. The second was, “Did the guy who did that ask you, “Are you SURE?”...more


     Today finds me at a strange impasse. I am ready to let go; beyond ready, I am WANTING to let go yet there is this incessant part of me that is resilient. It's that part I want to speak of. I hope in describing it perhaps someone can bring to light what it is. I seem unable to shed enough light on it myself to articulate it in a way that the rational portion of my brian can comprehend. I fell for a man who SEVERELY disappointed me and I'm happy and full now without even the hope of his reciprocation....more

Slumber Party From Hell

I remember a sleep over ages ago. My parents had gone out of town for the night because my sister insisted on taking me overnight. I guess their whole plan focused around the fact that I would be gone for a good 18 hours.  Doesn't seem like a long time, but it was eternity for me. Sissy picked me up from school that day, and I felt like the coolest kid on the block. I had my big sister picking me up in her car! ...more

We Called Her Sissy

We called her Sissy, at least that is the name that stuck to her like her healthy image sticks to my mind. What used to be, and how I forever want to remember her. When I was born she was a teen, and for a little hint of time she loved me enough to stay in the house.  But I was the only person keeping her there. ...more

Her Story...

It sounds like a vague title but the meaning couldn't be any deeper in my life. I am just the voice behind the tale, but the life in question is that of my older sister. An older sibling who fled home at fifteen years old right after I was born almost three decades ago. Writing without a name attached to me has become an outlet for the emotions life has handed me in these difficult days. A life that has withstood disease, heartbreak, and more near death experiences than Evil Kenevil. An amazing person with a troubled soul. A wife, mother, pathological liar... ...more

"Are There No Prisons? Are There No Work Houses?"

I live in Florida. Coming from New England, there has been a lot of adjustment, politically, religiously and otherwise for me, as I've learned to keep my mouth shut. I've never felt at such odds with my new state, however, than now....more

Pill Mills: The New Drug Dealers on the Block

Several documentaries and news stories have come to light recently about the explosion of "pain management centers that supply patients with pain relief medications"....more

What Does Eleanor Roosevelt Have To Do With My Recovery?

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor RooseveltThis is one of my favorite quotes.  My sister gave me a bookmark, when I was recovering from a house fire and dealing with being newly sober and these were her words of wisdom to share with me.  How eye opening is it to realize the power that we as individuals have over how we react to things.  We do not have power over other people and the things that they do, but we do have power over how we react to the situation and to these people. ...more

Thank you so much! I went and "liked" your facebook page. Amazing work!!! It is great to see ...more

What they don't tell you

When you find out that a loved one is sick, one of the first questions you ask is, "how can I help them"?  You want to know what you can do to help ease the pain.  Even if you can only make a small difference, you want to make a difference.  ...more