Spend Less Save More: Drug Store Shopping

Just a few tips on shopping at drug stores and the items you can get for free or close to it. Yes it does take a special trip to the drug store, but when you leave there with a bag full of freebies why not. So these are a few of the many things you can receive free from your local drug store. The key component to getting free items is being patient and waiting for a sale that you can combine with coupons and stocking up when you can....more

Spend Less Save More: Drug Store Savings

Drug Store Savings:One of the best ways to save money as a couponer comes from shopping  your local drugstores for personal care items  such as razors, makeup, hair care, feminine products and over the counter medicines,  these are just a few of the many savings that can be found . With high regular prices ad promotions and rewards, drugstores can save you big if you have the know how to use the drug store system....more