Sharing Your Past with Kids…Would You Do It?

Recently, I provided comment to a CNN story that followed up on President Barack Obama’s announcement of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative. During the announcement, he stated that when he met the young men of the “Becoming a Man” program, he shared his story (including drug use) and admitted that he had made bad choices. The focus of the CNN story was would you share stories of your past with your children or others....more

The tragedy of Whitney, and the lessons we should learn.

Whitney Houston died yesterday.They haven't released the cause of death, of course, but it's almost as if they don't need to.  Everyone knows how much she has struggled with addiction.It's not all that different than when Amy Winehouse died.  Or Michael Jackson, for that matter....though his addiction had clearly progressed past the point where he could satisfy his cravings without involving other people.It's not a surprise.  It's not a shock.It is, however, still very much so a tragedy....more

Should Miscarrying A Baby Be A Crime? Alabama Thinks So

The British and Australian press have picked up an interesting trend story about American culture. As this article from The Guardian puts it, women are increasingly facing criminal charges for losing their babies. Yes, you read that right. Miscarrying or losing a newborn is now a crime, usually murder or child endangerment. (The Guardian’s headline says there is an “Outcry in America” over this, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be true. ...more

Concentration in Digital Era

A truckload of subjects to be had today. Blame it on the TV. In fact, blame everything on the TV. And the parliament.The TV is now blaring with three subsequent subjects: 1. The plane crash at Kaimana, Papua; 2. The construction of the new parliament building; and 3. The Minister of Law and Human Rights' new Drug Law.I hate the TV's portrayal of all of them. The plane crash at Kaimana: the TV immediately conclude that the crash was caused by a defunct in the China-made airplane. The Minister of Trade and Economics, as someone who approved the purchase of the planes (after it was allegedly rejected by a former Vice President [who ran for president last election and failed miserably]; and then okay-ed by the same person), was called by the parliament to own up to her decision to buy the planes.The problem with this matter is that there has been NO proof nor evidence whatsoever that the plane crash was caused by technical failure. Papua is a treacherous area - many mountains, superlarge rainforests, unpredictable weather. Any ish could have happened - including the pilot's probable mistake.The TV, however, insisted that the plane crash was caused by a technical malfunction. In spite the above fact: the former VP who claimed he had rejected the purchase of the planes had eventually (verbally) okayed the purchase. Personally, I think said person is a tad senile.The construction of the new building for parliament. I've expressed my rejections on twitter starting of with 1: They claim they need space for 7-staff-members in a 20x20m office. I want to know WHY do they need 7 (technical) staff members to begin with. I thought to be a rep of the people, one need to be (at least) as smart as the people. If you're not as- or more-smart than the general population, why are you there? Why hasn't anybody fire you?2. I worked in a law office. Out of the four partners, only ONE has 20x20 office. The rest has 3x3s. ALL of those offices are filled with books, paperworks, documents, etc. ...more

Salvia and YouTube

I have spent the last few days trying to understand why over 5600 some-odd young men and women would ever think it was a good idea to document the act of experimenting with a hallucinagen and then post it on YouTube. I get the experimentation. Completely. Growing up in the '70s our generation wrote the book on risky behavior. And I think much of those experiences made us more understanding parents when our kids decided to experiment themselves. But the privacy thing blows me away.  ...more