Are Anti-Depressants Good or Evil?

I’m sitting in the green room, about to appear on Daytime TV, and the television is blaring in the background. Now mind you, I don’t have television in my home so I’m a bit out of the loop. But since I’ve been sitting here, I’ve seen one anti-depressant ad after another (mixed in with ads for lawyers who want to help you sue your doctor if you had complications from your anti-depressant). WTF? ...more
I found myself relating to many of you because I also suffer from severe chronic pain along with ...more

When a Third World Came West

Blog Directory Overview: When a Third World Came West When I was 22 and at a therapy session with my doctor, he told me that I should write down in a journal what I had been through in the previous year. I had waged a battle between chaos and my level-headedness and the latter had won out. The doldrums of my common sense had finally taken over and left my sail through various exploits stationary, after a hectic ride of me chasing the eye of a stormy guy....more

Segment 10: When a Third World CameW est

I could hear the sound of his gears grinding and also I listened for a minute to the traffic around him, heard someone say Bumby and then heard cars zooming past other cars, the sounds some made when they were going faster than others and hitting their brakes too hard at busy intersections. It felt like he had more than one person on the line, that he was managing more than one conversation at once and he sounded like he didn’t have his voice on the receiver, that he was answering questions from someone sitting in the front seat....more

Segment 9: When a Third World Came West

Segment 9: When a Third World Came West I looked out my window trying not to stare at Sam and watched things I didn’t really care to see, like some trash dumps near a gravelly road and a torn up fence, and some tiny houses with car ports filled with ripped black trash bags and beaten up old cars. About ten minutes later the driver asked something that I couldn’t hear under his grovelly breath and I thought I heard “Where to”. I checked out the lake out my window, making out old benches and leaning palm fronses from the trees hanging all darkened near the edge....more

Segment 8: When a Third World Came West

We stayed and talked for awhile and I watched people walk by outside the window, able to drowned out the R & B music that was playing so loudly towards the right end of the room, with girls in short dresses grinding with guys in sweating button downs, their shirts now nearly wet by now. I turned to Sam and tried to make some small talk, but he said he couldn't hear me. He just kept putting a plastic cup of empty beer that someone had left, up to a silver beer tap next to Yeungling, lemons, cherries, limes in a black tray, and next to used hand rags that had brown beer stains on them....more

Segment 7: When a Third World Came West

I fumbled through my clasp purse, my cigarettes littered all over the place in it and I looked through grounds of tiny tar for my twenty which was stashed in a ripped open zipper pocket, in it's brown pouch. The guy was texting on his wireless and looking to the back of him where a busser came through a swinging door that slammed behind him, bringing in clean glasses in a black plastic tray, with sweat streaming down the sides of his forehead from the steam from the dishwasher, I supposed. "Can I have another one?" I handed the guy with curly hair another twenty....more

Segment 6: When a Third World Came West

We walked further down the road, against crowds of girls wearing more short, tight dresses, plastic white, bangle bracelets, and blond hair that frizzed because of the humidity. Everyone was dressing loose tonight because the weather had broke from the night before, the rain had stopped, and it was the first day when it wasn't storming. Sam veered right into a pizza place that was one row long, packed with people elbowing their way into shoving dollar bills towards two men behind a spit valve that covered half crusts of pizza pies. It looked good....more

Segment 5: When a Third World Came West

Part of me is just reaching out half the time to shows, music venues, and towns were I can be completely aimless and unknown. Does anyone else felt the same…? Not that I want to completely reinvent myself or start new, that’s not totally it. But when I get into new bands or new music or new stories, I can’t bring these up right away with my friends. Most of them I’ve had for a while, and we’re bonded by teaching stories or students who won’t listen. I fell into this group by virtue of me grading till 9pm, passing out after, and basically not having a life....more

Segment 4: When a Third World Came West

I’ve always liked meeting new strangers, just like I enjoy ordering something I’ve never had before off a menu, in a language for which I can’t understand…cause it’s a surprise. When I looked back I was wondering if other people were like this too..if they were casual about walking up and making small talk with people that they didn’t know, or if they were curious about someone who had an accent, who smelled and looked from far away....more

Segment 2: When a Third World Came West

Segment 2: When a Third World Came West...more