Summer Drugstore Haul plus one High End Splurge

Sometimes, the drugstore is simply where it’s at. Here are the things you need to try for June for longwearing summer sultry style. ...more

Drugstore Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

So I used Wet N Wild nail polish exclusively as a child. I had what seemed like a million because if I recall they were 50 cents back in the day. I have strong memories of sitting on the floor at Revco and CVS admiring the beautiful shades....more

10 Makeup Products I'd Repurchase (Mostly Drugstore)

A while ago there was this tag going around on YouTube titled "10 Products I'd Repurchase." The premise was that if you lost ALL your makeup, which 10 products would you go to the store and repurchase immediately? I thought it was a cute tag and loved seeing what other people feel are necessary in their makeup collection. Here is my top 10 list!...more
I see your post is dated July 2013. I'm on my way to buy at least five of these you listed - but ...more

Small Business Tip: Fighting the Flu with Free Shots & Wellness Help

Small business and mid-sized companies are increasingly developing initiatives to help employees develop a healthier lifestyle....more

we also have natures's medicine cabinet  dont have to worry about going to the doc.there ...more

Need SPF and anti-aging wizardry? Try Olay's Pro-X line

It's finally (finally!) the time of year when shopping for sunscreen starts to sound like a good idea. And not just stuff to wear to the beach--stuff to wear every day. (Yes, I said every day, missy. Or don't come whining to me when you're fifty and look like a Shar-Pei.) The matter gets a little more complicated for those of us of the aging persuasion. As much as I love the idea of ramping up my SPF numbers, I'm wary. I don't want to deal with clogged pores or stinging, both of which have happened to me with SPF30 sunscreens. ...more

Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub - End-of-summer foot savior

I'll admit it. My feet are not pretty. I never wear socks during the summer and I'm often in open-toed or open-heeled shoes. I don't wear high heels, but my flats aren't exactly foot-friendly either. I've got callouses so thick on my heels and the balls of my feet that a pedicurist might be tempted to take a sander to them. ...more