Evolution of a Buzz

Have you ever had one of those nights that landed you in a bar on a Tuesday night in the midst of crazed drunkenness?  The kind of crazy where everyone around is taking part in this secret tribe of togetherness with people that they hardly know?  The kind of drunkenness that ends with everyone singing a Grateful Dead song in unison without music? ...more

"that night"

I go over the details of that night all the time. Did I bring it on myself? Who really is to blame when an assault occurs in situations like mine? Both of us had been drinking......more

Meat cleavers, alcohol and New Year's Eve don't mix

Just when I thought no one could surpass American youth in their negligent, idiotic and reckless holiday ritual of annihilating themselves with alcohol, I read an ...more

Drinking + Convertible = Clairvoyant

I was a late bloomer when it came to flirting with alcoholism.  Somehow, I managed to not have a drink until I was 21-- Blame it on the Baptist upbringing.  A couple years after college, two guys friends who had moved off to another town and become Presbyterians-- and thus fans of the booze-- came for a visit.I only had a few hours to spare because I had tickets to the midnight premier of X-Men Origins: Wolverine....more

Wrong Place, Right Time

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

Fertility Friday 18

My dear friend is in the midst of fertility treatments, about 5 months now I think.  She was starting her 3rd round of IUI when they discovered a cyst on her ovary so they needed to stop treatment and deal with that.  As if she doesn’t have enough on her mind and heart.  After we talked for a little while she asked me how I dealt with “it” for so long.TO read more on how I handled my no's during my fertility process read here...New2two...more

The Hooker's Toothbrush

A word of advice: Never give a hooker a ride.Sometimes my soft heart vetos my good judgement. This was one of those times.Howell Michigan, 2001:  Rick and I went to karaoke with our friends Gary and Mandy. Rick jokes that I give off some pheromone that attracts the unstable and degenerate. This evening started with songs, drinks, and a dwarf with a mullet hitting on me. I should have taken this as a sign....more

The Waiting Game

I don't know if this is a requirement of every married couple but I really hate whenever this happens. Husband informs he's gonna come home late because of some work and afterwards, he's not yet home, you're gonna call him and tells you he dropped by his friend's place (ergo, his "drinking buddy" friend). And he's gonna come home late as expected smelling alcohol complaining on a splitting headache and what not!!!...more

Teachers. Bastions of society? I don't think so

Last Friday I drove from Oxford to Leeds to spend the weekend with my friend Sarah. It was an arduous four hour journey in my old jalopy; the thing didn't like being driven above 65mph and protested by vigorously rattling and shaking whenever I attempted the feat. To make matters worse, the only form of in-car entertainment was my Sat Nav, and to be honest that got a bit samey a couple of hours into the journey. How I rue the day I dropped my iPhone down the toilet. When I arrived, Sarah opened the front door and announced, "you're late." ...more

Love the Lost - the prostitute, the abuser, the drunk.

Mark 16 : 15And He said to them"Go into all the worldAnd preach the GospelTo every Creature."        Good Gracious!! A quarter of the year is gone already!!.Good Morning.Today is April Fool's day but you need not worry, I am not going to play any tricks on you today. "We are in the world but we are not part of the world." ...more