Beauty Product Road Test: Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Masque

Can a face mask from Orlane be the answer to your skin care issues? -PJ Gach...more

DIY Body Lotion

As promised, here is my first post for a natural health and beauty product using essential oils. If you haven't used essential oils yet, you are certainly missing out! They are a wonderful, natural way to help eliminate the use of unnecessary chemicals, additives, synthetic fragrances, and other nasty and harmful ingredients that are in so many of the household and beauty products that are on the market today. I have been on a mission the past several months to reduce as much of these harmful ingredients from my home as possible....more

Sick Bay

Had to book a 6:30 am with the vet for our Zusher. She was scratching her elbows so badly that they were actually bleeding and scaring me, to a point. We couldn’t have her back on steroids because she is on arthritis medicine that is actually working,so we are going to boost up the trans-fats in her diet to get some moisture in her. The good news is her ticker is hale and hearty-words to warm any dog ma’s heart. Happy Monday! ...more

Dealing With Dry Skin

 Treatment For Dry, Itchy Skin No doubt about it fall is here and so is dry, flaky, itchy skin. If you are slathering on lots of lotion without exfoliating your skin first you are wasting product this way....more

Need a Great Lip Balm? Caudalie Lip Conditioner is in the Top 10% in its Category

Simply put, this Lip Conditioner - Soin des Lèvres by French beauty brand Caudalie, deserves the title of hero product. It is one of the best lip balms available on the international market....more

Exfoliating Your Skin – Secrets Explained

Are you sometimes surprised when you see other women radiating a glow in their skin, and wished you had it in you too? Who will not want to? It can be yours too, and all that you need to do is exfoliate your skin regularly. The benefits of exfoliating are a smoother, softer and a radiating skin.Reasons to Exfoliate...more
Its amazing how diet and proper exercise can play a big role on our life. A well toned body, ...more

Product Review of Dermalogica's UltraRich Body Cream

 Product Review The first time I used this body cream I was in the loo.  Not just any loo, but the loo at Dermalogica's international corporate headquarters in Carson, California.  Instead of the standard hand soap, Jane Wurwand (Founder of Dermalogica) was thoughtful enough to provide both the Conditioning Body Wash and the UltraRich Body Cream for use in their restrooms.  The Conditioning Body Wash is lovely, but the Body Cream is fabulous....more

Moisturizer Myths

  I think there are a few big myths about moisturizers that most people seem to believe.  One is that moisturizer can get rid of wrinkles.  Another myth about moisturizer is that it is a vital anti-aging tool.  Yet another myth about moisturizer is that you need one every day, twice a day.  So what exactly does ...more