Contest: Win Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Body Cleanser and Body Repairing Cream

Treat your skin right with new Dove DermaSeries skin care. -PJ Gach...more

Eczema skin care

This winter has been brutal! It has been especially hard on eczema sufferers. Finding a good moisturizer is vital to treating symptoms. If the products you are using aren't working, you might want to consider your location. Is your climate dry or humid? Even though there are a number of reasons why people suffer from eczema, we all agree that keeping your skin hydrated is one of the best ways to reduce flare-ups. Humectants are ingredients that help draw or keep moisture in your skin. There are a different types of humectants and they all work differently in different climates....more

Psori Assist

Picture this... Its January. I'm in the car on my way to work. Hair in a high bun. Make up on point. Suddenly, I feel a slight tingle in the back of my head. I reach back to give it a little scratch and BOOM! I notice that this is not just a little tingle, this feels like a little patch of dry skin. (Ok. No big deal.) I decide to stop at my best friends house on the way to take a quick look. She confirms it! I have a dry patch on my scalp. I didn't panic....more

Skin Need Some TLC?

Does your dry skin need some TLC? Sometimes the best treatments are the ones you can do right at home. Here are two that I use and love:Bath Treatments ...more
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