Does your Skin Resemble a Grape or a Raisin?

I’ve heard it said that the difference between a grape and a raisin is moisture. That statement becomes truer each day that I get older. But I continue to fight the never ending daily battle to keep my skin looking like a grape....more

Save Your Skin this Winter

It's that time of year... the cold weather and dry heater air take a toll on our skin, but not this year!  Save your skin this winter by remembering these two things:  Exfoliate and Moisturize. Soften your Skin - Have you every applied so much lotion that it just disappears into your skin without really doing much?  Or do you sometimes see small flakes coming off your skin while you are rubbing in a body creme?  If so, you are skipping an essential step in your skincare regime - exfoliation. ...more