Harvesting and Preserving Herbs

Harvesting and Preserving Herbs There are a few different ways to harvest herbs depending on how they grow. My main goal when harvesting herbs is to encourage and maintain more bush-like growth as opposed to tree-like growth....more

Preserving & Storing Your Herbs

The onset of winter doesn’t mean you will no longer have herbs to use. There are many ways to preserve your herbs, ensuring a steady supply until your herb garden comes to life again in the spring.Read more ...more

Top 5 Herbs To Grow This Year

Today’s lesson on Gardening is all about Herbs.  Without Herbs, you would be eating food that tastes like baby food  ~ which is fine if you have no teeth I guess…but most of us prefer the food we eat to wow our taste buds.  For this we can thank Herbs. There are Herbs that are easy to grow.  Then there are Herbs that make life difficult for you.  Worse still, there are Herbs that can strangle your tomatoes and wreak havoc on the neighbourhood ~ ok, just kidding on that last part, but you have to ...more
Last spring I ripped almost everything out of my flower bed in the front (I don't know what ...more

For Anyone with Herbs in the Garden: All About Drying and Freezing Herbs

For gardeners in the northern hemisphere, the nights are getting colder and it's time to think about preserving the harvest. I hope I might have inspired a few people to start growing their own herbs with my series of posts on Cooking with Fresh Herbs. If you do have herbs in your garden that you'd like to use in the winter, now is the time to think about drying or freezing them. ...more

Sounds like a good way to save a step when you're cooking. I do that with chicken stock - ...more