Interview: Tana French, Author of Faithful Place

I've been enchanted with Tana French's Dublin-set police novels since I read the first word of The Likeness, her second novel. Upon reading the last word I instantly downloaded and devoured her first, In The Woods -- and preordered her latest, Faithful Place. I love her focus on a different protagonist in each book -- each character an exploration of identity and the things that change a life for good....more

Tana French's Faithful Place: Mystery, Love Story, Family Drama

I started reading Tana French's Faithful Place on a plane. My body might have been flying high up above the Canadian shield, but my head was in Dublin. I got a bit cranky when the plane touched down, forcing me back into reality, and I still had about one-third of it left to read. After getting to the hotel, I curled up in bed and stayed up until after midnight to finish it. I had forgotten how delicious a mystery can be. ...more
@Carmen S I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really need to read her other books.more