A Little Sunday Something

If you look closely you can see green, plum tomatoes. One of the only good reasons, to grin and bare the summer heat....more

Trouble in the Barnyard... Warning, Unpleasant Photo Ahead

Yesterday I was extolling the virtues of always having a smartphone handy at all times... But today, I'm kind of wishing it wasn't quite so easy to share info [heads up - if you are squeamish, maybe you should skip this post].My neighbour just sent me this image, snapped on her phone:...more

What Goes on in a Duck's Hypothalamus?

How do they know? Each year, within 48 hours of the winter solstice the ducks start laying. Not all of them and not a huge number of eggs, but as sure as you can say 'here comes the sun' those girls have a meeting, set up a schedule, and fire up the production line....more
inevertoldher Thanks for reading! It seems like some creature or other is usually doing ...more

Duck Dressage at Infinity Farm.

 My ducks are growing up and they need a hobby. Dressage seems the obvious choice. Dressage has an elite, almost aristocratic elegance that ducks appreciate....more

One of my Divas...

We went feed the ducks one day after dropping one of her big sisters at school...  And I thought I'll take pictures of her with the ducks when all her Diva showed... ...more

To catch a duck, in photos.

We went to the duck pond today. Jack loves ducks. So much in fact, that he wants a pet duck, just like his dad had when he was little. This means that whenever Jack sees a duck he tries his hardest, and I mean his absolute hardest to catch said duck. He was finally successful today.  ...more
 @Denise Thank you! I am still in awe of how he just went for it!more

Duck Rental

One of the travails of duck husbandry turns out to be travel. When we are planning to go out of town I inevitably end up realizing, with horror "Oh God, we have to find someone to take care of them again!" It is difficult to imagine that any neighborhood child, for ten dollars a day, would enjoy dealing with feces-infused duck water, an electric fence and four feathered nincompoops that thinks he's a murderer. However, we have always found such a person. Some kids seem to think it is fun. ...more

whitney houston

Blog DirectoryGuys i thought of when i heard these hit singles....1985"How Will I Know"(6 yrs) BRICE. His aunt Terry had big buck teeth and worked for my mom. We sat by a man-made lake, fed ducks, and sucked on raspberry candy from La Vie tart tins. We kept in touch via our mom/aunts.1986 "The Greatest Love of All"...more

Animal Lover Part II: The Empire Quacks Back

 Devin (Devy Ducks), 2006...more

Everything Is Just Ducky, Thank You

There is something fascinating about watching ducks. They bob their heads to each other, wag tails, preen, and follow each other in a line often when going somewhere. They are so comical and LOUD, especially when hungry....more