Like the Duggar Girls, I Was Assaulted. I Pretended to Be Asleep.

Sometimes it's easier to pretend that nothing happened than face the consequences. Victims of abuse often say that they pretended to be asleep in hopes that the abuser would stop. Unfortunately, that doesn't usually work. ...more
Yes. Remembered this when I read your comment.more

A Letter to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle: I am not going to mince words. YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR DAUGHTERS. It is your job to protect them. You did not. Instead, you chose to protect your son....more
MinnesotaJoY Wonderful. I hope it helps others dealing with the same issues.more

Why the Duggars are Really a Reflection of Us

By now, the virtual world is aware that Josh Duggar - eldest son of the famed 19 Kids and Counting quiverfull clan - has been publicly exposed for the sexual molestation of four of his sisters and one unnamed survivor. ...more

The Homeschooling Sexual Harassment Scandal you should know about

Have you heard of the Bill Gothard scandal? If you answer “No” to that question, don’t feel bad. I had never heard of him either, until recently. I’m just an ordinary SAHM, sending my kids to public school and taking them to church on Sunday.But how about this… Have you heard of the Duggar familyfrom TLC’s popular show “19 Kids and Counting”? You have? Now we’re getting somewhere! Gothard is/was good friends with the Duggars....more

Looks Like Those Whacky Duggars May Be At It Again!

It appears that the Duggar family is not opposed to the idea of adoption. Because, apparently, they don't have nearly enough children. I just read this article on which states that old Jim Bob and Michelle, who currently have 19 little Duggars running around the house, aren't opposed to adoption. And yes, it does NOT say "We're adopting!" I'm sure that nugget of info will be saved for the premier of the next season of 153 Kids and Counting next year....more

In Defense of the Duggars

I like the Duggars.  There, I said it. You know the ones: the conservative reality television family who shoots out babies faster than a Whirley Pop.  The first time I watched the show, I desperately looked for cracks in the crystal.  After all, nobody could possibly live with that many children without a bottle of Jose Cuervo hidden under the sink.   And what the hell kind of name was Jim Bob?It all seemed a tad askew.  Still, I kept watching....more

My New Parenting Philosophy: What Would the Duggars Do?

 What Would the Duggars Do… that’s my new parenting mantra....more
Amen, sister. It may not be my style (the 20 kid thing), but those people are doing something ...more

Women Who Litter

Quiverful - Is this Practical?

My jaw dropped to see the recent development on Duggar's family. They are welcoming their 18Th (No, there is nothing wrong with your eye, I really wrote 18Th ) child. ...more