Day 26 - Warning Labels

 Most people know that they shouldn't drink and drive...but they d...more

Understanding Bieber's Drug Use from a Mom's Point of View

It came out today that Justin Bieber tested positive for marijuana and Xanax. I am not surprised. Justin started out as a kid who just wanted to sing. Then something happened that changed his life. He got the chance. Since he was 12 years old, people have made fun of his music, his face, his hair -- and not in nice ways either. Even with his recent arrest the Internet thought it important to compare his mug shot to Miley Cyrus. ...more
I completely agree! My point is not that we should overlook his behavior, but that given his ...more

Missing My Mom: The Real Consequences of Drunk Driving

Two Wednesdays ago, she called me while I was napping. I usually don’t answer my phone when I’m napping, but this time, instead of hitting the red button, I chose the green one instead. “Hey, I’m taking a nap with Eva. Can I call you back?” She told me, “Sure, that’s fine.” I then fell into a deep sleep. I woke up two hours later, and in the rush to prepare dinner, I forgot to call her back. ...more
I am so sorry for your tragic loss, I recently lost my brother quite suddenly.These situations ...more

Some Americans are above the law… just not the 2.3 million in US jails

Mischa Barton smoking dope at an intersection in LA? Caught by paparazzi in broad daylight?

How Many Drinks = DUI (DWI)?

by Lisa FrederiksenDecember is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month so I thought I'd share a few entries from the California Department of Motor Vehicles Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) chart to raise awareness about just how little it takes to get a DUI (DWI). These BAC entries are based on weight, time since your first standard drink and number of standard drinks consumed....more

Ankle Monitors Are the New Black

Anyone who secretly (or not-so-secretly) checks out celebrity photos while pretending to work (something I have perfected), may have noticed a trend popping up in the last year or so: ankle monitors. Once upon a time, if you were out and about wearing one of these clunky-yet-fashionably-black shackles, the sirens were soon to come after, as you were breaking house arrest. Actor Tracy Morgan wears an anklet on the set of 30 Rock. Source: Eric Ford ...more