Chicken & Dumplings

A tribute to the citadels of the family ~ Mothers...more

Hamburger Dumplings

I've been craving (and I mean craving) some hamburger lately… Generally Chinese cooking doesn't utilize hamburger much, and so far in Flower Net most scenes are taking place in China. I love some of the Chinese dishes I've been making, but I'm almost homesick for more of an American-style dish… This is my compromise - Hamburger Dumplings. ...more

Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings

Crockpot chicken & dumplings!!! This was the perfect comfort food for such a chilly day! It tasted like a million bucks… and guess how much it cost me to make?! $5. No, I’m not drunk. Yes, you read that right.. FIVE DOLLARS! Check out the recipe!

Plated + Served: Don't Call them "Leftovers"

Don’t just reheat your Thanksgiving leftovers. Re-purpose them.“Leftovers” is just re-heating something you served the day before… when you ”re-purpose,"  you take the previous day’s meal and whip it into a completely new dish!So, instead of boring Turkey and Mayo Sandwiches, try:• Turkey Rueben• Turkey Monte Cristo• Turkey Cuban Sandwich• Turkey Grilled CheeseDon’t forget to slap some cranberry sauce on 'em if you have any left.For a quick and easy dinner:...more

Party Dumplings 3 Ways

These are the closest approximations I can come to for a dumpling spread I made to celebrate a good friend’s graduate school graduation. These suckers all went lighting quick – especially the beef version – and were generally raved about by the crowd....more

6 Must-Try Dumplings

Is there anywhere on the planet where dumplings aren't eaten?...more

Sweet Dumplings of Antigua

Happy Friday!Today on my blog I Cook the World I'm making one of Antigua's national dishes, ducana.  It's a sweet, delicious dumpling.  I'm putting together a compilation of dumplings from around the world.  Do you have a favorite you'd like to share with me?  I'd love to know. Every taste connect us!