Would you miss the color blue?

In one of the best pranks I know, you leave out a bowl of M&Ms. Unbeknownst to others, you place a smattering of Skittles directly underneath the M&Ms. Most people who eat M&Ms (at least in my friend circle) do so by the handful. So, all you have to do is wait for your victims to grab a handful of candy and shove them into their mouths, releasing a strange mix of chocolate and tangy fruit all in one go. ...more

Natural Egg Dye: A Rainbow of Options

You can dye Easter eggs with all-natural ingredients like spices, vegetables, and even wine! I made recipe cards for eggs dyed with everything from cran-raspberry juice to onion skins—plus instructions, tips, and pictures of what your finished eggs will look like. ...more
One could blow out the egg interior, and then do the dying to keep the shells around year-round. ...more

Natural Hair Dye Solution

Do it yourself natural hair dye solution for sandy blond hair.You will need fresh sage, rosemary, filtered water, and a chamomile tea bag....more

HOW TO: Dye Your Yarn!

I got tired of not finding the color combos I wanted, so I dyed my own cotton yarn! It's super easy. Click here to see my tutorial! **...more

Getting Crafty for Easter - A DIY Wreath You'll Hop For!

its really fun to make crafts on special occasions, the kids will also love to help. more

To Gray or Not to Gray

http://superclev.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/to-gray-or-not-to-gray/ I am the daughter of a mother who dyes. I suspect most of us are. Being Hispanic, she went gray early, being from California it was, and is, the done thing. I am following the same route, a good friend was horrified when I told her I was considering not. My mother has toyed with the idea of stopping....more

Western (American) diet linked to ADHD

If you're sick of hearing about this type of dietary link to ADHD, it's likely because you're still wondering who would feed their kids this stuff on a regular basis. This new study from Perth's Telethon Institute for Child Health Research shows a link between ADHD and what they refer to as "the Western pattern of foods." This includes things like takeout/drive-through foods, processed and refined foods, and anything fried or high in sugar. Obviously, those foods are likely to be higher in fat and sodium....more

Fun Crafts for Easter and Beyond

I know.  It's the last minute for doing any Easter crafts, but many of these ideas are just so wonderful that you should keep them in your crafty to-do file for other great spring occasions. These crafts may have Easter as a theme, but I prefer to think them all as perfect SPRING crafts. ...more