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What Other Option Have You Left Me? PT I

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When 'We' Starts To Feel like 'Me' If you’ve ever played doubles in tennis, you know the intricacies of what it means to be on a two-person team.  You practice strategy. You capitalize on your personal strengths. You communicate.  You make adjustments when necessary. And you’ve got each other’s back....more
my boyfriend and i have been having issues sexually and i really relate to alot of what is ...more

Two Autism Studies Open the Door to More Questions

Two recent autism-focused studies have generated both discussion and hope: one on early autism diagnosis using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, and the other on mitochondrial function in people with autism. The first study used imaging to detect differences in the brains of autistic males compared to non-autistic males, while the second identified differences in mitochondrial function between autistic and non-autistic children. Both open doors to more research and to intriguing possibilities for diagnosis and therapies, but neither resolves the question of whether these differences exist because of autism, or whether autism exists because of these differences. ...more

Appreciated this post... thanks for writing. more

Staying Balanced Through the Holidays.

The holidays are coming with opportunities to see friends and family, eat great food, and generally celebrate.  However, the holidays can also bring on added stress and grief if we lose sight of our goals and get swept up in the many demands that come our way.  Navigating through this season can be tough.  Here are some steps to help you maintain a sense of balance and hopefully have more space for delight and joy, Food...more

Curious George's Feeding Trick of the Day

I've just spent the last 20 minutes feeding my son a grilled cheese sandwich. He has serious food texture issues and treats any new food like dog poop (not uncommon for most toddlers, just more severe for SID and SDD kids). As I write this, I've managed to slip him about 3/4 of a grilled cheese on sprouted whole grain bread so far, thanks to Curious George and the pause button on my remote....more

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In A Bad Place ...more