Kim Kardashian Plays to Win and You Aid and Abet Her

Much has been said about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce after only 72 days of being man and wife. Simply, she's a fame whore and he's a pawn caught in the game. But the extravagant fairytale wedding Kim Kardashian had and quickie divorce not long after -- and our undying interest in both -- say more about us than they do about her. ...more
Indeed. ;p My husband and I married after being together for ten years, which was perfect for ...more

Amish for Homeland Security

I watched a show earlier about the most shocking acts of violence, on E!. The fact that a show like this is on a network titled "Entertainment!" is sad in itself. But I watched it, so I guess they got what they wanted.Anyway, the show featured the incident where the guy went into an Amish school in Pennsylvania and killed 5 girls. According to his suicide note, he was angry at God for taking away his infant daughter soon after birth. Ovbiously, the violence is incomprehensible. But it's what happened afterward that made my heart swell. The Amish comforted the killer's family....more