Readers Versus E-book Spammers

Recently announced that it was taking steps to remove the more dodgy spam e-book content that can be found in the Kindle electronic bookstore.  I have my doubts so I performed a test. ...more
@threeundertwo That is a good idea. I'll try it the next time I want to buy something. It is ...more

Packing Books for BlogHer '11? My Five Tips

What books are you packing in your bags to take to BlogHer '11? I know, I can hear you -- no one has time to read at BlogHer. We're in sessions! We're at parties! We're hanging out with people we only see once a year! That's true. Many of us also have to travel to get there and I'll be honest, sometimes a quiet five minutes in a corner with a book is just want I need to recharge. Pack a book, you'll thank me, but be smart about it. Here are my five tips for packing books. ...more
"Generosity: An Enhancement" by Richard Powers.more

How I Took Charge of My Life and Career

In February 2010, I was laid off from our local newspaper, my second layoff in two years. I decided it was time to take charge of my life and career and to stop being someone else’s employee, writing and publishing other people’s stories, and getting let go when the work ran out....more
This is absolutely encouraging. As someone who is flirting with the idea of ebooks, this is ...more

Publishing Tables Turned

“When the tables are turned, the situation has changed giving the advantage to the party who had previously been at a disadvantage.”        That is the meaning of the idiom “tables turned.” The meaning of recent new developments in the book publishing world, however, are slowly being interpreted by all of those affected. A lot of the practical implications haven’t dawned on us yet....more

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“For the supreme gift of ...more

Would You Like Some Ads With Your Kindle E-Books?

Amazon recently announced it is launching a new special ads-supported Kindle. Ads and special offers will appear as full-page screensavers and as small banner ads at the bottom of the home screen. The ads will not appear in the e-books themselves. For this new version of the Kindle, Amazon has reduced the price of the device to $114 -- $25 less than the price of a regular Kindle. ...more

I think the ads are fine - like you say we have ads everywhere else. But why not REALLY lower ...more

E-books, I Kind of Want to Quit You

As I look at my relationship with e-books I'm starting to considering writing them a "Dear John" letter. Dear e-books, it's not me. It's you. Oh, there are still many things I love about e-books but lately my frustrations are reaching a level where I'm almost considering giving them up. ...more
I love my Kindle and liked to point out a short story by Isaac Asimov to middle-schoolers; in a ...more

Children, Learning and E-books: Why the Controversy?

From Yesterday I learned that buying children e-books or e-readers is a hot topic. As in, a really hot topic. Many people are very (very!) against them and blogs are filled with reasons why they are so bad for kids. Meanwhile, as I learn of this controversy, my 5-year-old’s e-book is hidden upstairs until she gets to open it for Christmas. I’m thinking about the debate – who knew?!...more

Your points about what makes physical books great for children are great! Kids definitely seem ...more

Buying an E-Reader? Some Things You Need to Consider First

If you are considering buying yourself or someone you love an e-book reader, I'm sure you've seen articles that declare that one e-reader is better than another. The truth is that none of the e-readers that those articles are talking about are bad, it's just that some e-book readers are a better fit for some people. When you set out to purchase an e-reader you need to ask yourself lots of questions so you can figure out what kind of e-book reader you are before you buy. I'm not going to tell you which e-reader you should buy, but I'm going to tell you what you need to think about before you buy it. ...more
@Ashleigh Burroughs I think you might be surprised. I recently helped convert someone who swore ...more

55 Knives: Food Bloggers and New Publishing Frontiers

What if 55 of your favourite food bloggers were throwing a big community meal -- which dish would they bring? Nick Evans from Macheesmo has the answer in his recently released e-book, 55 Knives: Recipes, Tips, and Stories from 55 Top Food Bloggers. The book introduces one recipe each from 55 food bloggers, providing stories and cooking instruction as well. Half the fun is seeing which recipe each blogger decided to include. ...more

I really hope he comes back with a second volume, especially as the blogosphere grows and ...more

The New Interactivity of Children's Books: Sesame Street Goes Digital

Parents may soon be fighting their two-year-olds for time on their own iPhones: Publishers Weekly announced over the weekend that Sesame Street has opened its e-book library for a flat yearly fee. For some $40 per year, parents have unlimited access to "more than 100 Sesame Street eBooks." ...more

Searching online for kid's books can be overwhelming since ...more