5 Important Tips On How To Prevent Your Coil From Burning

You will definitely know it if your coil is truly burnt out. The Meche Brulee taste will be unmistakable. You will always get a slight burnt taste in case your coil is slightly burnt. It is important you prevent your coil from burning since burnt coils are always known to produce harmful chemicals....more

Clear the smoke? Health Impacts from E-Cigartettes

Despite the fact that traditional cigarette consumption has been on the decline in the United States since the mid-1970s, the use of electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” among adults and teenagers is becoming more and more prevalent. These devices are regularly marketed as a safe alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes, and are promoted as smoking cessation aids, similar to nicotine patches and nicotine gum....more

Health Query: Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is really occupied these days. They’re thinking of, and probably already working on, rules for selling electronic cigarettes. With many doctors complaining about the rising use of e-cigarette smokers, perhaps the FDA should hustle. But are electronic cigarettes completely safe?They’re not. To begin with, no electronic device that contains a battery and a heating device is a hundred percent safe. Add to that the nicotine it contains and you have an addicting gadget. However, many believe that electronic cigarettes are much safer than any type of tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes: Blessing or bane?...more

A Tiny Hiccup

Yesterday I wrote about the tiny step I've taken to quitting smoking.  By yesterday, I had figured out that I have a tiny hiccup in my plan!My e-cigarette is battery operated.  It has to be plugged in every so often to re-charge.  What I didn't plan for is what I would do while it's charging.  It never crossed my mind to get an extra one to use while one is charging.  Yes, I'm a doofus!...more

A Tiny Step

I've taken a tiny step today.  Today makes 24 hours without a real cigarette.Now don't get too excited...I've switched to e-cigarettes.  Still nicotine but none of the other nasty stuff that goes with real ones.  There's no smoke, no odor, no trash.  I don't have to go outside to smoke. Are they as satisfying as a real one?  Not quite, but they do the job.  I haven't killed anyone yet!!  I'm hoping that the fact they aren't quite as good will eventually wean me off all together. ...more