Ground Beef Recall Expands Across U.S.

A massive ground beef recall of products packed by National Beef Packing Co., LLC in Dodge City, Kan. expanded to stores in nearly 30 states today. The recall, which affects approximately 60,424 pounds of ground beef, was first announced on August 12. ...more
This makes me so happy that I buy meat at the local farmers market and have never stepped foot ...more

To Hell and Finding Our Way Back

I recently found myself forced to consider my three-year-old son’s mortality.  He and I were alone in a dark hospital room, and in these moments, I stared at him, stroked his hair, held his little hand inside mine and cried.  I thought of the day he was born, and of how the nurses encouraged me to keep him in the nursery overnight while I slept, but I insisted he sleep in my bed.  Of how on his first birthday, he painted himself head to toe with cake.  Of how he says, “Oh, that’s a true classic,” whenever we read Oh, The Places You’ll Go.  Of all the spots ...more

New ground beef recall highlights need for E.coli awareness

On December 31st, First Class Foods, a California-based meat processing company, announced the recall of over 34,000 pounds of organic ground beef.   Although organic beef seems to imply a more healthy kind of meat than its conventional counterpart, this is a sharp reminder that all meat is prone to contamination, especially since contaminati...more

Food Safety and Salty Facts In the e-newsletter this week, issued by Food Engineering, there were some very interesting news bits in food manufacturing.  It sounds so industrial doesn’t it? But it’s interesting so read on…. ...more