Ears Pierced and She's All Grown Up

 "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face."- Eleanor Roosevelt  Veronica slips into our room as the sun peeks over the horizon and her room starts to lighten.This is her morning routine.She does this every day....more

Ear Piercing Update!

I forgot to tell you what happened with my earring. I hadn't looked at them at all since I got them pierced on Friday so I went to look at them in the mirror and they had some discharge and "crusties." I got a Q-Tip and the saline wound wash they told me to buy and was gently cleaning around the wound when all of a sudden the little bead that was on the hoop came off! Here's a reminder of what it looks like:...more

Rachel Knows... Ear Piercing!

Sooooooooooo... I got my ears pierced. This is only, oh, about the 7th time I've gotten it done. No, I don't have multiple piercings. I have one in each ear....more

So My Son Wanted to Get His Ears Pierced

In the spirit of always pushing my brain to new places, my six-year-old son, Roan, threw this one at me over breakfast a few days ago: "I'd like to get my ears pierced. Ok?" "Nope. You're too young. When you're...twel...fourtee...er...ummm...thirteen you can choose to get that done." "Why?" "Because." "Why?" "Because I haven't had enough coffee yet, and cannot answer any more questions." ...more
Awesome compromise. I've had my ears pierced sine I was 3months old. I got a second ear piercing ...more

On Judgment

I've never really bought into the competitive parenting thing. Of all of the several dozen parents of small children I've known since my kids were born, not one of them made a decision for their child because they wanted to show their friends what good parents they can be. Who does that? Seriously! Which of us has the wisdom to look at the other trying to tame their shrieking two-year-old and conclude that we do it better? I promise, we don't. ...more

Putting holes in our daughters' heads

I can still remember the relentless campaign I mounted, lo those many years ago, as I had to suffer through middle school as -- the horror! -- the only girl who didn't have pierced ears. "I will take super good care of them!" I begged. "I'm very responsible! Everyone else can wear earrings except meeeeee!" "And when you're 18 you're free to get them pierced," my mother always responded. She bought me a couple of pairs of clip-on earrings. You could tell they were clips, and they pinched. Not cool. ...more

I had mine done at 13. My mom took me to have them done and made a wonder and huge deal ...more