Review Review I was lucky enough to win a free subscription to and thought I would share my experience with you.  I was not compensated for this review in any way.  From setting up our account to using the program on a regular basis, here's what we thought about ABCMouse....more
Thanks for sharing. I thought it was really good as well. I'm currently trying out ...more

Encouraging Young Writers with Duck Tape

At the Family Forward Conference in August we had an awesome crafting session with Duck Brand duct tape and Cricut. It was all about getting families into a creative place together. We love crafts at our house so this was right up our alley. We got some awesome Duck tape paper to run through the Cricut machine from the Cricut folks. Then we got to head over to the Duck tape booth and pick out a roll of duct tape for each member of our family. We've been riding high on that Duck tape since!...more

Raising Bookworms

A young girl is curled up in an old, over-stuffed armchair, totally absorbed in the pages of a book. A television sits nearby, silent and black with jealousy. In a corner, a computer gathers dust in concert with an abandoned gaming system....more
These are great tips! It is so important to get kids reading an early age and keep them interested! more

Early Childhood Education: The Montessori Method

What is the Montessori Method?In the 1940’s, Dr. Montessori revealed a scientific method she designed and tested in the belief that it would bring out the highest potential in young children. Previously she developed successful systems for older children, but at this time she stated that her method needed to be introduced to children before the age of 3....more

Guest Bloggers Wanted: Early Childhood Education

Hola! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, I know I did....more

6 Free iPhone Apps to Get Tiny Techies Learning Outdoors

My educational philosophy is that a genuine, physical connection generates the best learning opportunities. Children can use all of their sense to explore, ask questions, and perform experiments in the giant laboratory of the natural world. ...more

just downloaded Project Noah for Charlie.



Holidays aren't Curriculum

I was once at an early childhood conference when the topic of using food in art projects came up. I piped up and explained that I did not like children to use food stuff as art materials, even infants and toddlers....more

Writing about Early Childhood, (Re)introducing Myself to BlogHer

Why do I write about early childhood issues?  Because you have to start at the beginning....more

Poverty, Race, and Early Childhood Education Pt. I: Public Schools

 Let’s ponder what $1.4 billion will do to “drive education reform” and save jobs in Pennsylvania—from the perspective of a povertized, disabled, overeducated, Latina mestiza single mother of four....more

The Obama Rally, Education and Caroline Kennedy

I have a lot of video on the rally held at UCLA on Sunday in support of Barack Obama. One of the supporters of his campaign is Caroline Kennedy. Caroline does not endorse candidates very often. In fact I think this is the first time in my memory that she has done so on a national level. ...more

but even more importantly I'm glad you got to go. Still wishing I had been there. Next time, ...more