Drill, Baby, Drill

This Sunday‚Äôs NY Times illuminated the growing trend in early learning. Kumon is a Japanese import in the form of a tutoring franchise which has, of late, focused its attention on reading and math skills for pre-kindergarteners from ages 2 to 5. In New York City, enrollment in Junior Kumon has grown tremendously. The cost is from $200....more

My first 4 children did not attend preschool, I was a stay at home and enjoyed having them ...more

In Defense of Gifted Children

Before you get all huffy, hear me out:I don't believe that my children are "gifted" (or "advanced" or "exceptional"). I don't believe that anyone's children should be labeled "gifted", because that label defaults other children to be "non-gifted" or "delayed" or "un-exceptional". How is that fair? Don't all of our children have gifts? Isn't that the miracle of children - that they arrive with this passion to DO, to GO, to LEARN - despite our best efforts to make them stop, slow down, and be quiet?...more

Kids and Learning

Parents get fierce about the way they parent, the decisions they make for their kids, and their (misguided) belief that their way is the ONE RIGHT WAY.  A (misguided) belief, it seems, that many will defend with their last breath.I don't have a lot of patience for that.  I prefer to avoid the vitriol.Why?  Because there is no one right way.  For anything.  Spend some time with kids and they will teach you all of the thousands of different ways there are to learn, grow, love, believe and share.  That is, they will if you let them....more

Connect the Dots, La la la la la

The Kindergarten Conundrum

  I made my son repeat kindergarten and I have no regrets about my decision....more

Drop Everything And Celebrate Beverly Cleary's 94th Birthday

I am celebrating because one of my favorite authors, Beverly Cleary, turns 94 today. It doesn't take much to convince me to grab a cup of coffee, a cupcake and a good book, but today is extra special. Whose early reading years weren't marked by a delight in the adventures of Ralph S. Mouse, or schemes of the enterprising Henry Huggins, or travails of Ramona, one of the most realistic young characters ever written? Beverly Cleary's legacy of over 30 award-winning children's books have turned countless young people into avid readers and lifelong lovers of good stories. ...more

Ohh, I love Beverly Cleary books. Ramona books were always my fave.