Earth Day Should Be Every Day

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Riding the Bus with my Sisters for Earth Day

As today is Earth Day you might have some radical notions about giving up your car, at least on occasion, for public transportation. Yay you! If you are an American, I salute you for being willing to forgo your right to rugged individualism, freedom and self-expression in the form of what car you drive. ...more

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Your Electronics and Your Energy Footprint

As part of BlogHer's Earth Day is Every Day series, let's take a look at all the stuff you use every day that is plugged into the wall or needs periodic charging to keep working. Here are some ideas to help you do your share toward reducing carbon loads, creating a sustainable world for your children, and saving energy. Certifications and Specifications to Look For ...more

as you well know. I was reading in my latest MacWorld today about the efforts at Apple to ...more