Happy Hippie Carrot Granola + An Earth Day Letter

   Happy Earth Day! I’m going to get a little “crunchy” on you today. ...more

Earth Day!!! My Son (The Empath)... and the Suckers

Son: Mom!! I know why I cry when a baby cries... I feel what it feels (He is almost twelve, and has yet in his life been able to sit in a room with a crying baby) Me: (Insert stunned silence here... Duh... followed by a flash of brilliance) If you know the feelings aren’t yours... Try to stop taking them so personally and see if you can help... Son: But what do I Do with the feelings? Me: Give them to the earth......more

An Earth Day Perspective: The Making of An Unlikely Environmentalist

By Guest Blogger Dr. Sarah Warren Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. (Wikipedia) ...more

Meet Eddie, A Dog On A Mission: Pets for the Environment

Eddie, Pets for the Environment Source: Pets for the Environment I admit it. I'm a dog lover. So, when I got an invitation to join a Facebook Group for Pets for the Environment, I was curious. I clicked over to the web site, and found this engaging story/comic book that told Eddie's story. ...more

Get to an Earth Day party or festival

Ready to celebrate Earth Day? The big day isn't until April 22, but celebrations have already begun -- I went to Santa Monica's Earth Day on the Promenade on Saturday, for example. Lots of fun, free stuff's planned across the U.S., so if you haven't made plans yet, put one of these in your calendar: ...more