Earthquake (Based on true events)

Helping Earthquake Victims in Nepal

This past Fall I visited Nepal with my husband and two friends. It was a jaw-dropping trip in so many respects....more
Hi Kate, first of all let me thank you so much for extending a helping hand toward Nepal ...more

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal was hit with a devastating earthquake on Saturday, the worst of its kind in the last 80 years. It had a magnitude of 7.8. Over 1800 people are dead and the death toll is still rising. The earthquake struck near the capital city of Kathmandu and majority of the deaths are from there and the surrounding valley. Close to 5000 people are said to be injured. The quake set off a series of avalanches in Mount Everest and Northern India. Tibet and Bangladesh were also affected....more

How to Properly Prepare for a Disaster: Are You Ready?

The United States experiences more than 1,200 tornadoes annually—four times the amount seen in Europe. In the last 100 years, we have had about 130 major earthquakes world-wide per year.  It seems like we are also experiencing more earthquakes and that they are increasing in intensity and destruction.   Earthquakes and tornadoes can cause mass destruction, completely destroy houses and businesses, shut down entire cities, leave many residents homeless, and lead to devastating injuries with vast numbers of lives lost.  Do you know exactly what to do if disaster strikes?...more
Shared my input for Special Needs & Disabled People on #AdvocateAtkinsGroupmore

Stray Dogs and Earthquakes

When I was out with my family today eating outside at a restaurant, we saw 3 stray dogs wandering around together. They looked well kept and at least one of them had a collar. I was worried about them because they kept crossing the street. Luckily they were at a 4-way intersection with stop signs so the cars were all driving slow. My next thought was, "Uh oh, we're going to have a big earthquake." According to Jim Berkland, animals know when earthquakes are coming and tend to run away from their homes. That's when you see a lot of "lost pet" signs. ...more
mischa999k I've already rescued 2 animals. I suffered for 3 months to save a cat until we found ...more

Earthquake March 28, 2014

So, we just had an earthquake and 2 aftershocks tonight. The one at 8:03pm was a 3 pointer and we didn’t feel it. Even though it was near my mom, she didn’t feel it but she remembers brushing her teeth at that time and thinking about an earthquake. At around 9:13pm I was in the kitchen with my son Kaleo teaching him how to make spam musubi when the cabinets and counter started shaking. I looked at him and said, “Oh, it’s an earthquake.” He didn’t know what it was at first. He thought the sink was going to explode....more

Shake, Rattle and Roll

2:33 a.m. and I was awakened this early morning by the mirror on our dresser bumping around like someone had walked by, like usual. But, this jiggling didn't stop, it kept going and then gently slowed down to stop. I sat up in bed and thought maybe it was the wind or something because I just wasn't awake but I knew exactly what it was, an earthquake. It was a 4.0 a bit south of here in the McAlester area, which is a bit unusual. Of course, since I was so awake I could not go back to sleep very well. I was hot....more

the day an earthquake changed a country

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt about favorite places has made me think of something I wrote months ago. Writing is therapeutic for me, I often like to sit down and just write freely as a way of acknowledging an issue. The following post is something I wrote back in March but never shared with anyone until now. I've also edited it a bit for context. ...more

Oklahoma Earthquake & Asteroid Nears The Moon

Listening to the blessed soft patter of rain this morning (something of a rarity this year due to the crippling Texas drought), I’m struck by the surrealism of recent events.  An earthquake of 5.6 magnitude shook my hometown of Lawton, OK last night....more

Shake, Rattle and Holy Hell...

It was one of those days today. It felt surreal, pretty much from the first moment I woke up. Some days are like that with me. ...more