Small, sad world

The power of the Internet to shrink the world and make neighbors of unknowns bowled me over yesterday when three strangers reached out to me about our shared connections to northeast Japan. ...more

WAYS to HELP EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI Victims in Japan with LINKS directly to Charities. EASY,QUICK -NICE LIST.

List of Ways To Help Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Japan  ...more

Are You Earthquake Ready?

Social networking vital help for natural disasters

 Our thoughts go out to all affected by the recent natural disasters such as the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the earthquakes in New Zealand, and the floods in Australia. 2012 seems to have had a particularly bad run so far, and global climate change does not bode well for the future. In disaster situations, social services like Flink12 can provide a quick way to:  - let your family know you're safe  - share your current location  - share photos or news...more


Seventeen years ago this summer, I moved to a tiny farming village near the northeast coast of Japan. ...more

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Japan Today! Dropship Supplier.From Reuters:According to JMA (Japanese Meteorological Agency), a strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 hit off the coast of northeastern Japan today! A tsunami advisory of up to 50 cm (about 20 inches) was issued for northeastern Japan after the quake hit around 11:45 a.m. (0245 GMT), JMA said.  ...more

Two Degrees of Devastation: New Zealand Earthquake

Eight hundred miles and Cook's Strait away from Christchurch, we didn't feel the physical shocks of the quake up in the Bay of Islands, but the emotional ones have hit us all. They've been pulling bodies out of the rubble while the nation watches in horror. We've been told there are at least 114 fatalities, but to steel ourselves for many more. There may be as many as 300. ...more

So glad to hear that your friend and her family are alive and well. It's terrible to see the ...more

(PHOTOS) Haiti Has Our Hearts One Year After the Earthquake

As we mark the passing of this first anniversary since the devastating earthquake, the real stories are being told all across Leogane, Port au Prince, Petit Goave and the entire country. MSNBC and ABC must sell more advertising by focusing on the negative, because the positive is not very hard to find. It stands out all around us. It begs for us to notice. ...more

After being inexplicably personally devastated by the aftermath of an earthquake on an island ...more