Turning Tents into Hospital Walls

By: Maria Suarez ToroThe Global Fund for Women On the grounds next to an epidemiological hospital destroyed by the earthquake, Dr. Jean Pape has set up two laboratories and an emergency medical center for wounded victims. This Haitian doctor received worldwide fame for inventing a method of halting the advancement of HIV/AIDS to help those without the ability to buy expensive medicines continue to live with the infection. ...more

How to Help Chilean Earthquake Survivors

Last Saturday, February 27th, Chile was hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Today it experienced a 6.6 magnitude aftershock.If you're looking for ways to help the earthquake's survivors, the sites and blogs below have posted lists of relief organizations working in Chile: ...more

Haitian Kids: people or puppies?

Haitian children wait in a police car after a group of Americans was stopped trying to take them out of the country. Photograph: Reuters (guardian.co.uk They're so cute in the pictures. ...more

The Catholic Church Continues to Ignore the Issues: Earthquake Devestation of Haiti 2010

    High in the "Ivory Tower" on Wednesday, Pope Benedict commanded immediate orders that the Roman Catholic Church Charity Network assist in the aide of those suffering from the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti.     Today, I woke up struggling to make it to Church on time. My car, as always had a little trouble starting. After driving around the block for 10 minutes I decided she would make it to Church....more

Travelers Step Up to Help Haiti

I'm not going to waste a lot of words: travelers and others want to help. Here are a bunch of resources that you can click through if you're looking for a way to put your money to work towards relief in Haiti following the quake. ...more

Helping Haiti: Places to Donate, Creative Fundraising Ideas, and Being a Smart Donor

When I posted about How to Help Haitian Earthquake Survivors on Tuesday evening, there wasn't much information out yet about how to help, but now there are lots of posts and articles with lists of organizations you can donate to like:...more
I love to see people working hard for a good cause. This is a good article about the variety of ...more

Poetry Friday: Edwidge Danticat Voices Haiti, Always

As we all shudder through news of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, pausing to send money though text messages on our cell phones to well-established NGOs such as the Red Cross or ...more

Artists Helping Haiti

News of the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday is barely 24 hours old, and already I have to turn away from reports -- they're too difficult to read, and hear, and watch.  As a native of another Caribbean island, Trinidad, this news feels very close to home. In the same way that someone from Texas might deeply feel the misfortune befalling citizens of the neighbouring state of Louisiana (Katrina, anyone?), those of us from the Caribbean are deeply moved by any catastrophe that a neighbouring island suffers.  I feel helpless. As an artist, I wonder how I can help. ...more

I understand how you must be feeling. You don't have to come from Haiti or another Caribbean ...more

Haiti Earthquake - You Can Help

Haiti Earthquake DisasterThe earthquake in Haiti is tragic and incomprehensible .Haiti is a place where misery is an everyday condition and disasters -- of both the natural and man-caused variety -- are not uncommon. At best, the government has made only halting progress toward improving the lives of its citizens....more