Easter S'mores

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are recovering from the chocolate bunny coma! We had so much wonderful food yesterday. I’ll be full for a week....more

Don't become a CEO

 So here we are Easter 2015, only 5 months following Thanksgiving. The two biggest times when even your most criminal of people post {often everyday} what they are thankful for....more

Easter Craft Roundup: Crafting On A Budget


It's not Easter without lamb cake

 "Old fashioned lamb cake......more

Easter Fruit Pizza

 For the past two years, I have made a fruit pizza for Easter. They are so much fun to make and so much fun to eat as well! It is a great way to be creative yet it is so simple that even I can make it look interesting.Ingredients:...more

#Easter weekend, the drink : "Nero D'Avola" #wine

For our Easter Sunday drink we've chosen a Nero D'Avola/Syrah wine, with 14% Alcohol content. This dry Sicilian red offers aromas of ripe fruit and spice on the nose whilst on the palate you'll sense a medium body, with soft and thick tannins. Simply bold and delicious....more

Sunday Musings: Why We Don't Go to Church On Easter Sunday

We don’t attend church on Easter. Why? Next to Christmas, Easter is the busiest day of the year for churches. The seating is maxed out, parking is a nightmare, and the message is pretty much the same every year....more

#Easter weekend part two : "Casatiello"

Easter weekend at home, especially in Naples, Southern Italy, it wouldn't be complete without a slice of Casatiello.This typical Easter bread is prepared using a soft bread dough made with all-purpose flour, fresh yeast, water, and salt. The traditional recipe will use a mix of ham, salami, pecorino cheese, lard, and black pepper, with eggs placed onto the crust. ...more

#Easter weekend part one. #Aperitivo : #Pizza Rustica and Beer

We are going to start this Easter weekend with an Aperitivo, and why not another traditional baked delight of the Easter Season: a slice of Pizza Rustica.This savory dish is made using shortbread pie crust ( in Italian Pasta Frolla) filled with beaten organic eggs flavoured with salt and pepper, a selection of cold cuts, such as salami, ham and spicy dry sausage and a mix of cheeses like pecorino and parmesan. The pie once filled is baked to perfection until golden brown, resulting in a dish that is unbelievably good! ...more

Easter at our house

Easter at our houseI remember the days, back when our entire family would plan to meet up at my parents’ house for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was a joyous occasion not just because of the Christian celebration of the day he, Jesus, arouse from the dead; also known as resurrection day, but because family came together to fellowship over food, while creating lasting memories.  ...more