Functional chocolates allow guiltless pleasure on Easter

People with diet restrictions or who choose diet products focused on health and weight loss products have good options for this Easter.Developed very carefully and focusing on taste and nutritional quality, range of functional chocolates can be consumed by lactose intolerant and casein, diabetic, allergic to soy, coeliacs, vegans or anyone wanting a healthier diet and no possibly allergenic foods....more

Easter Egg Hunt Strategy - Conversations with Charlie

Robert’s sister hosts an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  They’ve done it as far back as Robert could remember.  In addition to candy and small toys there are money eggs. Charlie looks forward to the Egg Hunt every year. This year was slightly different though.Charlie – Mommy, I’m like the 4th kid out the door right? At the Egg Hunt?...more

PINZA Sweet Easter Bread

There is no Easter in Croatia without a Pinza (or Sirnica) – Sweet Easter Bread. It is very flavorful festive egg bread, similar to brioche, full of rose oil, orange and lemon zest, nutmeg and allspice with the addition of Prosek (Croatian sweet dessert wine made of raisins) or rum and maraschino liqueur. The dough for this bread is mildly sweet, but the top of the bread is abundantly sprinkled with crushed sugar cubes. The Pinza is cut into three sections, symbolizing the Holy Trinity. The same dough can also be used to make braided bread with colored eggs....more

Our Easter 2014

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with your families :) We had so much fun for Odette's first Easter! I already can't wait till next year so we can do an Easter egg hunt!! Here's just a few pics from our Easter celebration:...more

Happy Easter from the Easter Puppies!

The whole gang wanted to wish you a very happy Easter... ...more

Last Minute Easter

It is 7:42 pm on Easter Eve and I am sitting on the couch drinking wine and watching Moses (or is it Ben Hur?) and I am feeling that twisty knot of guilt in my stomach forming because I botched another holiday for my four year old....more

Pineapple-Glazed Ham ~Last minute 5-ingredient Easter dinner~ it’s the day before Easter and I’m just thinking about what I’m making for lunch tomorrow. It’s a bit last minute so I’m going to keep it simple! This morning I was arranging my spices and came across a container of whole cloves from a drink recipe I wanted to make last month but abandoned.  I think I will use those!This is a very simple 5-ingredient Pineapple-Glazed Ham. I’m using about a 10 pound bone-in ham so we can take advantage of leftovers! Pineapple-Glazed HamIngredients:...more

What Does Resurrection Look Like?

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets Once a month at work, we have a pizza party ...more

Interesting Easter Facts That You Probably Didn't Know (INFOGRAPHIC)

Easter is back this weekend and family members will get together to exchange gifts and eat chocolate as well as candies. Naturally, there is also the traditional Easter hunt for kids of all ages. Easter is one of the most important days for Christians and is celebrated in many countries....more