Get Rid of Easter Goodies in an Eco-Friendly Way!

Still need to clean up your Easter goodies?  Here are my tips on how to do it in an easy, eco-friendly way!  Check out the video......more

Vintage Easter Post Cards

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy these vintage lovelies!...more

Keeping Fed - March '16


Coconut Brownie Nests

Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes [Recipe + Tutorial]

These Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes are so cute and fun for Easter. They look just like an upside down bunny diving through grass. Or perhaps the bunny was so eager to dive in [get it? ;) ], to get to the delicious cupcake core?And these Easter Bunny Butt cupcakes are a fun edible craft idea to try out with your kids this Easter.Love this recipe? Sign up for Sweet 2 Eat Baking's email subscription and never miss out again!...more

Tips for Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt

One of my favorite parts of Easter (besides preparing the brunch, of course :) ) is the Easter egg hunt! There is always so much excitement and laughter as the kids run around the backyard collecting all of their eggs, so let’s make it the best Easter egg hunt possible this year! Check out our tips below for creating the perfect Easter egg hunt!...more

Alice in Wonderland Easter Tea Party

In Part 1 of “Hosting a Tea Party” we talked about our tips and tricks for creating the perfect tea party. Now we are taking it a step further and talking about how we designed our own Alice in Wonderland themed Easter Tea Party!...more

How to Host a Tea Party

Spring is finally in the air! What better way to celebrate the start of Spring than with a festive tea party?! Whether you are hosting a shower or birthday party or celebrating Easter, it is the perfect time to gather your friends and family and enjoy some of that gorgeous sunshine with a pot of tea and some sweet treats!...more

The Easter Bunny Lives

Here's looking at you, Easter Bunny! ...more