Easter Egg Hunt Clues and Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues Free

Any blogger on the network who is interested I would be glad to send you a free copy of my Easter Egg Hunt Clues and Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues if you'd post a review of the product....more

Roasted Peeps

What  a surprise I received Saturday when I dropped by my Mother-in-laws house.  She had invited a few of her great-grand children over  for an Easter celebration and they were having a grand old time roasting PEEPS marshmallow candies over an open fire. ...more
That's one of those "foods" my husband and I argue about. He gives it to the kids, I tell him ...more

Saddle Up For an Easter Egg Hunt on Horseback

Our Stewart family’s horseback Easter egg hunt has become a tradition that we have celebrated for the past seven years, ever since we moved to Bear River City.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays and horses are my favorite animal, so it just seemed natural to put them together....more

Easter Egg coloring

Last week I invited my sister and her boys over to dye Easter Eggs with Charlie. At first she was like "they won't understand what it is" and "they have no clue about Easter" and I was like "um, I wouldn't expect them to know about dyeing Easter eggs" and "it will be fun" along with some truly spectacular eye rolling on my part....more

Easter Printables!

Even though it snowed about 7 or 8 inches here the last two days, I'm determined that Spring really is coming...hopefully sooner than later!  I made some Springtime Easter Printables just because I was in the mood.  Hope you enjoy!  Just click the pic to see them all. ...more