Save Big Money With DIY Moss-Covered Easter Bunnies

I think it's safe to say that most of us love Pottery Barn. However, for many of us Pottery Barn is a bit too pricey. So, when I saw their live ivy topiary bunnies at $79 and twig bunnies for $179 (very large bunnies), I knew I there had to be a less expensive alternative. ...more
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THE EASTER BASKET……. I remember my Easter Basket growing up…..I think my Mom continued to give me an Easter Basket long after I quit believing in the Easter Bunny……My big Easter basket was a multi-colored hand wonven one…….I think it sort of fell apart towards the end…..but it lasted my entire childhood…. My Mother always made sure I had an Easter Basket on Easter…..She never forgot or felt I was too old……I have since carried on this tradition with my family……Everyone in my family gets an Easter Basket….Even my husband…..At first he felt it was sort of silly for me (Easter B...more

Zoe vs. the Easter Bunny

The Batman and the Joker. Rocky and Apollo Creed. Dora and Swiper. To this list of well-known adversaries, we can now add Zoe and the Easter Bunny. They met on a grassy field of battle. Strewn with the pastel remnants of plastic eggs. Only one could triumph.  If you defined triumph as throwing a fit then getting sleepy. In that case, Zoe triumphed all over the place. ...more

An Easter Memory

I once had a job as a substitute classroom assistant.  It was a weird job.The Job Description:Answer your phone at 4:45 am on the random day(s) of the week that the school scretary decides that your help is needed.Fill-in for a "real" classroom assistant who needs a day of for medical, personal, or OTHER reasons (see below).Show up on time and assist the teacher with whatever needs assisting.Pay:...more
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Easter Basket for Baby

Easter time is finally here! There is just something about spring time that I always love :) Our tree in the front yard officially has all it's leaves and flowers are blooming everywhere! Most of my excitement this spring stems from the fact that this will be Odette's first Easter. Here are just a few of the adorable goodies I've put together for Odette's first Easter:...more