Things I Learned From Hosting Easter Dinner

With another Easter now done and gone, I am reflecting back on a few things that I could have done a little differently so that everyone would have had a safe and happy holiday! Such as:1.  Use cheese in the garlic smashed potatoes-lots of cheese. This year I attempted to make things that were a little healthier and not so creamy and cheesy, so I omitted the cream and cheddar cheeses in the smashed red potatoes recipe…MY BAD. So instead of being yummy and gooey, they were kind of dry and chunky…even with the added melted butter. Use cheese, people!...more

Fake Your Way To A Fabulous Easter Dinner

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Just when you felt like you finally put away all of the Christmas decorations, here comes the Easter bunny hop, hop, hopping along. He’ll be here before you know it, and while he might be bringing eggs for all of the good little boys and girls, their parents (and yours) are expecting dinner. At your house. How do you pull it all together? You fake it. Yes, that’s right. It is possible to fake your way to a fantastic spread. But first, you have to step away from all the org porn....more

Virginia - we'd love to hear how the day went. Were you glad you asked for help from family? ...more

Host An Easter Dinner Without Losing Your Mind

by Sarah Welch  and Alicia Rockmore   Spring is here.   It’s time for daffodils to pop, lilac bushes to bloom, little girls to put on their finest dresses, and a bunny bearing eggs to visit. It is also a time to gather with family and friends to celebrate Easter more formally with a sit-down dinner....more