Super coupons my kids found in the Easter eggs - a mom's guilt and questions

One of my favorite holidays is over....more
Oh, Excitotoxins is terrible. I don't know if I can throw Happy meals once I buy though... But, ...more

Saddle Up For an Easter Egg Hunt on Horseback

Our Stewart family’s horseback Easter egg hunt has become a tradition that we have celebrated for the past seven years, ever since we moved to Bear River City.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays and horses are my favorite animal, so it just seemed natural to put them together....more

Easter Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies and HORSES?!?!

The best Easter Egg hunt in the entire universe is held the Saturday before Easter at my house. Humans of all descriptions gather; greenhorns, cowboys and babies as well of horses of all breeds, colors and training, to find Easter Eggs hidden all over the farm. At our Easter Egg hunt it’s not about the eggs- it’s about the hunt- and the horses! ...more