Easter Bunny vs Whipping and Water Pouring

It crossed my mind yesterday that unlike Christmas, Easter holiday does not leave me nostalgically yearning for my homeland. Every Christmas I miss my home and all the customs that come with it. Every Easter I am grateful I don't live in Slovakia anymore.  ...more

Spend Less Save More: Easter Traditions Making Cascarones(Confetti Eggs)

With Easter just 2 weeks away, I start thinking about what to fill my kid’s baskets with. As some of you may know my kids don’t eat candy or drink sodas so the “traditional chocolate bunny “is out we have never given them any. We usually fill their baskets with books, toys, software, cds etc. so now I’m looking online for deals for these items. ...more

Detour from the Traditional

As I sit on my deck enjoying the warm and beautiful Easter sunshine, I have a confession to make.  I don’t really like Easter.  It is not one of my favorite holidays.  Growing up we always had Easter baskets and I remember getting a new dress every year, dressing up in a pair of patent leather Mary Jane’s with frilly white socks and going to church. ...more