Instant Success: So you want to buy an Instant Pot?

Instant Success We joined the revolution... we purchased a gadget called Instant Pot. Now what? We are rockin' some great meals!  See this yummy recipe that the KIDS LOVE! So easy too!...more

Kid-Approved Cheeseburger Soup

Kid-Approved: Cheeseburger SoupHands down this soup is the one the kids most often request and ask for seconds! It’s simple to pull together and reheats perfectly, if you have leftovers!...more

Two Minute Avocado & Bacon on Toast with Tefal Optigrill

Yes. Toast. And Yes. On a grill. The Tefal OptiGrill to be precise. ...more

A Green Take on Gift Ideas for Dad

Need a gift for dad? Check out these green twists on some traditional gifts!

How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps

 The 3 Steps to Starting a BlogHosting and Domain NameInstall WordPress...more


Sprouted Ribbon Salad. Perfect for summer lunches/dinners. Try it and share it with your loved ones. Recipe in link below : your love :D...more

DIY: Chalkboard Labeled Glass Jars

I love using my hands for projects around the house. Finding fun and easy DIY projects is a simple way to express myself and grow my creativity.After so many loads of laundry, unmaking and making up beds, cleaning toilets and rounds of dishes, I need something else for my hands to do. ...more

Pancetta & Garlic Linguini

Brand new to this site and still trying to figure it out!!  So how about I share my latest post on the blog?  Pancetta and Garlic Linguini!  We just finished out pasta week for National Noodle month and this was the grand finale!  ...more

Easy Chicken Drumsticks with Lemon

 These flavorful Easy Chicken Drumsticks with Lemon can be ready in 30 minutes and use pantry staples.  Put this in your weeknight rotation to make the dinner rush easier....more