Recipe: Chicken and Orzo with Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

So often, we hear from folks who reluctantly come to our classes* for the first time with the idea that we’re going to tell them every single thing they’re eating is wrong, and that in order to be healthier, they are going to have to replace all the delicious things in their life with cottage cheese and unseasoned brown rice.Butter? There’s no way butter fits into a healthy diet. Bacon? Fuggitaboutit. Cream and full-fat milk? Ha. Please....more

Super Healthy Sautée of Pearl Barley, Pomegranate and Wild Rice

This is my secret recipe full of energy boosting ingredients. I start to feel better even as I start cooking it, perhaps because of the stockpile of such healthy foods that go into this addictive dish. The colours simply come together beautifully and It reminded me of 'spa-style-your-body-is-your-temple.' I love the crunch of the nuts in this recipe and if you are allergic to nuts, replace with sunflower seeds. I've used coconut oil or canola oil in this recipe for that added healthy, pure life force giving elements   Ingredients ...more