Roasted Mushrooms

The depth of flavour you get when roasting mushrooms is incredible. This is a simple recipe that presents as refined. This is also a great side for any occasion. ...more

Meatloaf Monday

Monday morning, we meet again! When a long, busy and fun weekend ends the last thing I want to do is think about Monday night dinner. This is such a delicious and EASY recipe that you can mix up in 5-10 minutes, put in the oven and be done with dinner! Bake some potatoes or simply cook a bag of frozen veggies and you've got a home cooked meal without all the hard work :)...more

Healthy Tilapia Oreganata

My family loves sea food! Whether it is a sushi or a grilled salmon with mashed potatoes. There are few family's favorite restaurants we love to eat-out, where they serve delicious sushi and sea food dishes places like Sushi Ichiban located in Portland OR, or Makoto Japanese Buffet....more

Easy Mofongo with Chicken "Vaca Frita"

 You're probably busy right now planning for mashed potatoes and stuffing and turkeys, but if you're looking to try something new for dinner this week before a big traditional Thanksgiving, I recommend you try your hand at mofongo....more

Cajun Jambalaya.

Cajun Jambalaya. ...more

Broccoli Cheese Soup

How to Roast a Tomato + 8 Ingredients to Inspire Your Creation!

Today, I'm passing along a ...more

Crock-Pot Enchiladas Make an Easy Healthy Family Dinner

I have long been a believer in crock-pot cooking, especially around sports seasons. There is not enough time to come home and prepare, eat, and enjoy a meal in all of 20 minutes before racing off to the field. So, I rely on my slow cooker to help me through the busy weeknights....more