Dinner Ideas for Family of 4

Working mom’s hardly get time out of their hectic schedules to think and decide what all to cook for dinner every night. It becomes tough to make a proper meal for dinner for the family while managing work, looking after kids, doing household work and other family activities....more

Six Days Meal Planner for Family Dinners

The holidays of my kids are over and they are ready to go to school. I knew the month of September was going to be very hectic for me. Their curriculum and other school activities are gearing up for a good start. Everyone in my family is trying to get into the routine after enjoying the slow months of summer holidays.For me being a working mom it’s tough to plan my dinner every night as most of my time goes off with my kids. They need their mother to settle down many things for finishing up their school assignments and much more....more

Healthy Dinner Recipes Which Can Be Cooked in 30 Minutes

I am a working lady and mother of two small kids. My husband is usually out for business tours. It’s my entire responsibility to take care of health of my little two kids and serve them something which is quite nutritious and scrumptious....more

Sustainable Fish Fridays: Arctic char in a white wine grape sauce

There are no more virgin oceans.  According to a recent study, we humans have reached our filthy fingers into every available body of water in search of fish.  I guess the mantra of “eat less meat and more fish” is working.  Over the past 50 years, the number of available fish species including cod, tuna and salmon have been depleted by two-thirds as a result of overfishing.   Wow I say… but there is a way to reverse the damage (yes it involves tasty arctic char, picture ...more

Creamy Mexican Macaroni and Cheese (Gluten Free)

Who doesn't love a good macaroni and cheese dish? Believe it or not, I never made homemade mac n' cheese until just over a year ago.  I recently had a package of Mexican blended cheeses leftover, and wanted to try making a gluten-free macaroni and cheese dish. So, I decided to experiment a little. It came out d-e-l-i-s-h! But, next time I would add about 5 or 6 jalapeno peppers to give it more of a spicier taste. If you don't have to worry about gluten sensitivities, substitute regular macaroni. ...more

Easy Recipes

We've put together easy recipes that even the pickiest eaters will love. Most people are busy, between families and careers and the endless demands of day to day life. Who wants to slice, dice, chop, puree and wait for an hour or two when they're already tired? Instead of facing what can be the daunting task of cooking dinner, many people head for the nearest take out restaurant or open the freezer for the easiest thing to pop into the microwave. ...more