Arugula Canapés

Until I had a "flat-mate" from Manchester, I had never heard the word "canapé". Turns out, that is exactly what this recipe is! A cracker or small slice of bread, with a savoury topping, served as an hors d'ouevres! Ingredients1 tbsp olive oil1 clove garlic1 bag arugula...more

Blue Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Blue Cheese and Pear Crostini

This past weekend we went to a progressive dinner that was put on by a few members of our Sunday School class. If you aren't familiar with progressive dinners they are dinner parties in which different courses are eaten at different homes. Since several members of our class live in the same neighborhood we were able to walk from one house to another as we ate our way through appetizers, the main course, and dessert. In addition to the host, each couple brought along a dish to contribute to one of the houses. I chose to bring along these crostini's for the appetizer portion of the meal....more

BP's Bruschetta

BP’s Brucshetta serves as a great appetizer or party food and makes for awesome left-over’s.  Hands down, if I host a dinner party, or if I am invited to a dinner party, I will always make this side dish! INGREDIENTS:6 Plum Tomatoes, chopped6 Sun-dried Tomato halves soaked in oil, chopped2 Garlic Cloves, finely minced3 tbsp. EVOO3 tsp. Balsamic Vinegar1 tsp. Blue Agave Syrup**¼ cup Fresh Basil, choppedS&P, to taste...more