Fashion Yourself Some Silk Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

I first saw these awesome dyed eggs in a friend’s blog....more
They look fantastic, Elizabeth. I too have been seeing them and wanting to give it a go. Thanks ...more

Create a Flavor Edible Playdough

Do your kids like playdough as much as mine?  We love playdough around here.  We've had pudding cup play dough, cool whipped play dough, and even marshmallow Peep play dough.  This latest one is super fun because you can flavor it so many ways. ...more

Bird Nest Balls

Doesn’t the post title sound sorta obscene?I saw the idea for this activity over a year ago somewhere online. I know I saw examples for sale on Etsy back then but haven’t checked recently.  I’m pretty sure if you Google it, you will find many different tutorials and examples to follow....more
That is an excellent idea! I love it!more