Fridge Divin: Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Today was a long day, and I just did not want to battle the grocery store.  I decided it was time to fridge dive and see what I had available: leftover roasted chicken, half a container of mixed veggies from Trader Joe's, 1 head of lettuce, and a tomato.  Time to put my scrounging skills to the test!...more

Making A Noodle Cabbage Stir Fry With Broccoli And Chicken

 I used to love Chinese take-out, but these days I cannot afford to eat out!  A few years ago I rediscovered my love for making simple meals, and I try to make these exciting and creative as possible.  Many Chinese take out places offer lomain noodle dishes, and I make something similar by using an old college stand-by: two boxes of cup of noodles.  ...more
@HomeRearedChef I love simple dishes like this one.  Thanks for commenting :).more

Delicious, Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

I've shared a lot of recipes over the years with friends and family, but this is hands down the one that gets requested the most often. Honestly, I'm really surprised I haven't already shared it, if only to prevent myself from having to e-mail it to someone new. Forwarding emails is such taxing work, you know. I'd much rather sit and eat bon bons and watch Parenthood (do bon bons still exist?). ...more
Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have been looking for easy recipes that use chicken. This will ...more

Don't shop - use what you have first!

On a rainy day the last thing I wanted to do was go venture to the grocery store and figure out something to make for dinner. So being savvy I decided to scour the cabinets and fridge and see what I could come up with. I remembered we had frozen ground turkey and a bunch of produce I had to use before too late. I decided to go with a favorite of mine. Panzanella Salad. I used a frozen loaf of italian bread and let it thaw out. Then I used my stovetop grilling pan and brushed some olive oil on the bread and grilled it until crisp....more

Hooray for REAL food!

I have been finding such joy lately in buying local food from my farmer's market and preparing it simply, with love.  I don't usually call myself a cook, but this stuff is easy and delicious!  Check out my blog post about it:

A Day of Easy Meals

I try and bring breakfast and lunch with me to work everyday. Not only because we usually have amazing food at home, but it also saves a ton money and leftovers from my house are normally way better than anything I would get anywhere else anyways. Breakfast is pretty much always the same: crock pot oatmeal(creature of habit here!).  But this week I haven't been able to get it together to make my oatmeal in advance and plan my lunches ahead of time. So I've had to improvise.......more

The Perfect Post-Workout Meal

The Perfect Post-Workout Meal Spicy Shrimp With Spinach & Tomatoes...more

Molasses Oats Recipe

Every few months I get these cravings for sweets. I’m not a big-time sweets-eater. Not sure if it’s because my mom didn’t feed us many sugary foods while we were young or if I wasn’t wired to love desserty foods…but back to my point, every few months I can’t seem to finish a meal without salivating for a sweet bite afterward. That’s been my life this past week.Eat lunch. Hmmmm…any chocolate chips left in the freezer?Eat dinner. Oooh, a bite of ice cream would be divine.Before bed. Anyone want to bake a quick treat? Geesh....more

Jennifer Chandler - Simply Salads

My new article is out in Timefinders Magazine called Simply the Right Ingredients featuring Chef -  Jennifer Chandler and her new book Simply Salads. I'm giving away a copy to a lucky reader but first I must share this:...more