Quick and Easy Classic Bruschetta

Butter Browned Lamb Chops over rice

 One of the problems trying to come up with new recipes all the time is seemingly running out of ideas.  It's a big giant circle of a conundrum.  Chicken and the egg kind of thing.  I try not to go out and look at other recipes but when you are a Pinterest addict there is no helping it....more

Croissants (not) from Scratch

Fun fact: when choosing which language I wanted to learn in school I chose French, even though everyone else I knew took Spanish. I actually took one year of French in middle school, followed by two more years of French in high school before deciding to take a year of Spanish.Another fun fact: I can’t speak French OR Spanish. However, I know JUST enough French to be able to ask for directions and understand the answer (proven on a trip to Luxembourg) and enough Spanish to order a meal (proven on a trip to Spain). So, that’s a win in my book!...more

Easy As Pie Crust Cookies #ValentinesDay

To me, the best part of the pie is (usually) the crust. No stone throwing, please. I’ve embraced my *cough* uniqueness and I’m comfortable admitting this.  I also don’t mind telling you that I’m the same way with pizza crust.  I think I got it from my dad… I’ve been staring at a package of leftover refrigerated pie crust in my fridge and have succumbed to it’s calling....more

Coconut and Parmesan Crumbed Mushrooms

Think delicious low carb, crunchy goodness with the addition of a sweet and tangy tartar sauce to enjoy for a snack while the men crack open the beers next to the pool. Perfection!  See the recipe on my blog!...more

Easy Weeknight Veggie Frittata

Microwave Oreo cake

Oreo cake Instant microwave cake with just 3 ingredients and in 5 minutes. Generally, people think that eggless cakes can't be as soft and moist as compared to the ones which are made with eggs. I am a vegetarian, and therefore always make cakes without eggs or egg substitutes and get good results everytime! Check out my- Orange cup cakes, Fruit and nut cake , Pineapple upside down cake, Strawberry cup cakes for more eggless cake recipes. Baking is a topic which excites everyone, but many hesitate to try their hands due to lack of experience....more

Easy Lemon Pudding Pound Cake

This is an easy, light perfect summertime dessert to take as a gift to your next party!It would even make a fabulously different birthday cake. Go ahead, surprise someone...just make sure you get to eat some too!...more

Bourbon Chicken

Hi Everyone!During the past few years, I have collected and pinned so many recipes that I needed to create different folders to hold them on my laptop, desktop and Dropbox. Dropbox is very convenient, since I can access my recipes from my iPad or iPhone, too....more

Giant Empanada ~ Kids LOVE this!

The final bell is ringing in schools and kids and teachers alike are ready for summer break. For many kids, softball and baseball practice has already started and the swimming pools will soon be opening. My summer calendar is starting to look busier than it normally does during the school year!...more